About Us

How luxmelts candles come about!

I am quite crafty and i love to make things. I first started making pictures to sell and i loved it! But one day i decided to make wax melts because i wanted to burn a nice smelling fragrance. My first wax melt i made was fresh linen because i love that fresh clean scent. Then my husband came in from work (also a huge candle lover) and loved it! He said we should make candles! I thought he was joking at first! But no...We researched it well on how to make them an thats how it started! It took a while to tweak the recipe but now we have it spot on!

We thought of luxmeltscandles for the name because 'lux' is short for luxury, 'melts' for wax melts and 'candles' so it was obvious what we do.

We love making wax melts and candles for our customers and reacting with our customers! We love the social media side of seeing our candles in beautiful homes!